Village Newsletter

Spring 2024

In this issue…

  • A Message from our Mayor, Ron Mitchell
  • 2024 Board Meetings
  • Spring Clean Up, Regular & Holiday Trash Schedule
  • James B. Childress Memorial Scholarship
  • Message from our Chief, David Lindley
  • Water Office News
  • Local Businesses and Churches
  • Veterans List


A Note from our Village President,

   Ron Mitchell

~ Greetings from the downtown Crainville. As you are already aware, we have major projects going on for road and sewer areas. We are heading for the final phase of completing the rebuild of Samuel Road and starting phase two of our sewer replacement project. Phase two will be replacing the main from Main Street to just behind 1213 East Grand Ave.

  As you can well imagine, these projects are very expensive and we are seeking grants to help us with these endeavors. Most of these grants are based on median household income and Crainville is, apparently, to affluent to qualify for a lot of them. However, that won’t stop us from applying for them.

  Crainville employees are the ones that keep Crainville functioning as well as we do. I am forever grateful to them and our Board of Trustees for keeping us going in the right direction.

  If you have any input to anything in our town, feel free to attend our board meetings the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm.


Remaining Board Meetings for 2024:

April 9, May 14, June 11, July 9, August 13, September 10, October 8, November 12, December 10.   



Items need to be at the curb by 6:00 a.m. the morning of pick up. This clean-up is for Crainville Residents within the Village Limits. 

Items that will not be picked up include: computers (or computer peripherals such as printers and scanners), electronics, batteries, paints, thinners, oils, household garbage, remodeling debris, limbs, grass clippings or tires.

Because lawn rubbish cannot be picked up, residents are allowed to burn, however no garbage or building materials.

The Village of Crainville is currently in contract with Southern Illinois Waste Container for our trash service. Trash pick-up is on Thursday for the entire village. If a holiday falls during the week, trash pickup will be on Friday. The following holidays will delay your pick-up:

New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Additional trash carts are available for an additional monthly charge of $8.00. Please call the office at 985-3322 to set that up.

Easter Egg Hunt at Cannon Park Saturday, March 23rd @ 10am


Applications for the 2024 James B. Childress Memorial Scholarship are currently being accepted and must be submitted by April 5th, 2024. The application and scholarship information are located on our website.


 Message from Chief Lindley…..    

   With Spring just around the corner, it will be the start of lawn mowing season. Please be aware that the Village does have a High Grass/Weed Ordinance and it will be enforced. The ordinance requires that all grass and weeds be kept under 8 inches in height. The ordinance is in place to keep the Village looking nice and helps reduce the pesky insects and animals that like to hang out in high grass/weeds. The ordinance violation carries a fine of $250.00 and higher for each violation and a possible lien placed on the property if the Village must mow the property. The Police Department does enforce this ordinance and we usually place a 5

day warning notice door hanger on the property owner’s door. If it is a vacant house/lot, there will be no warning notice issued. Also, when mowing, your grass clippings DO NOT belong in the road!! It is illegal under the Illinois Litter Control Act.

   With the warmer weather brings more people outside and more activity. This brings an increase in thefts and burglaries. I would like to remind everyone to keep all their buildings and vehicles locked when not at home or not in their vehicle. Most burglaries and thefts occur to homes and vehicles that have been left unlocked.

    Also, we need to make sure we are obeying speed limits and stop signs within the Village. We have a lot of kids out playing and people walking with strollers and/or dogs so we need to be mindful of them.

   ALL UTV’s and golf carts that are being driven on the roadways require a permit. Those permits are available at the Village Hall for a yearly fee of $50. Simply bring your UTV or golf cart to the Village Hall, an officer will inspect the vehicle to ensure that it is safe for roadways and a permit will be issued. Also, please provide a current insurance card and driver’s license.

   Lastly, please make sure that house numbers are on your house or mailbox and can be easily seen from the street. This is crucial for safety, emergency response, and efficient delivery.

Crainville Police Cell Phone # 


Williamson Co. Sheriff’s Office

Non-Emergency #

618-997-6541 Press 9 for dispatch   


The Village of Crainville will be closed the following holidays in 2024:

Good Friday, March 29

Memorial Day, May 27

Independence Day, July 4

Labor Day, September 2

Veterans Day, November 11

Thanksgiving, November 28, 29

Christmas, December 24, 25


Community Room Rental

  Our community room is available to rent 7 days a week from 8 am – 10 pm  Call the office to check availability.



Visit our website to subscribe for notifications of Boil Water Orders, Road Closures, or any other news and/or alerts posted by the Village Hall. Like us on Facebook as well for updates.

 Having a yard or garage sale?

Don’t forget to remove your signs as soon as the sale has ended, and there is no permit needed.


Community Development Block Grant Income Survey’s, for homeowners only, are still currently available at the Village Hall office. Once the survey is completed, please return it to our office.


Water bills are mailed out during the last week of each month and are due by the 15th of the following month. Failure to receive bill does NOT relieve customer from payment or penalty. If you do not receive a water bill, simply call the office and we can let you know the amount. For those residents who are using a bill pay service through your bank, payment is mailed to us from your bank via check, it is NOT automatically applied to your water account. Those checks can take up to 7-10 business days to reach us. To avoid late fees, we do not recommend using this service.

For the convenience of our customers, a drive-up drop box is located in the front of the Village Hall. We also accept credit card payments in office or over the phone. Our water bills are mailed out the last day of the month, each month.

All door-to-door solicitors require a permit from the Village Hall.  If you have any concerns about a solicitor, call the Village Hall at 618-985-3322 or the Police Dept.  


Please help keep the Village looking good and keep your lawn and ditches maintained. A clear drainage ditch prevents water damage to your property, reduces the risk of flooding, prevents soil erosion, improves water quality, and reduces the likelihood of insect breeding grounds. Ditches on the public right-of-way are the responsibility of residents and are considered part of their property.

Driveway culverts are to be a minimum of 12 inches in diameter and are required for all new construction or new driveways.


Please refrain from flushing wipes down the toilet. Even those advertised “flushable” can get caught in pumps and aerators causing costly repairs.

  We are needing those Service Line Material Survey’s turned in ASAP. The EPA deadline for the material inventory is fast approaching and extremely necessary. If you need another form or have questions about the form, call Ryan at 618-925-1313.  



       Contact Julie: 811

     Or visit the website:



Anyone building in Crainville must apply for a building permit and construction must NOT begin until a permit has been granted. Permits are needed for any new buildings including garages, pole barns, storage sheds, as well as any additions to an existing structure. Permits can be picked up at the Village Hall and are available on our website. Please note that Subdivision Developers will be responsible for street lighting and road paving.


 Community Development Block Grant Income Survey’s, for homeowners only, are still currently available at the Village Hall office. Once the survey is completed, please return it to our office.

 There are No dogs allowed in the Crainville park.

Please pick up after your pets when out walking, especially on our sidewalks. And please keep your dogs on a leash for everyone’s safety, including your pets.


The Village of Crainville collects food for local charities. A donation basket is located in our Village Hall foyer for residents to drop off food at their convenience.

For those in need of food, Cannon Park in Carterville has been hosting a food drive the 2nd Friday of each month at 10am


The Village purchased the property just north of the Village Hall and a community garden is being planned for that property. Stay tuned for more information.



Crainville Baptist 618-985-2574

Destiny Church 618-956-9777

Love & Truth Church 618-985-6239

Victory Church 618-985-6912



AAA Storage 618-985-3535

AES Solar 618-988-0888

American Magnetics 618-985-4838

Anderson Doors 618-985-6776

Bobcat of Marion 618-985-8920

C&J Enterprises 618-985-6634

Cardinal Buildings 618-922-2000

Carrier’s Mobile Washing 618-925-3005

Carterville Dental 618-985-4200

Caudill Concrete 618-889-8040

Cold Blooded Coffee 618-471-4112

Deloufleur Décor 618-985-3355

Fire Masters 618-985-8900

Foundry Athletics 618-521-0817

Home Grown Bistro 618-559-1990

Koerner Distributor 618-985-3767

Little Lions Pre-K Center 618-733-3355

Little Treasures 618-985-2141

Little Treasures 2 618-985-2163

Lucky Lady 2 618-985-9903

Midnight Tech 618-985-5455

Mr. Tuxedo 618-985-3133

Napa Auto Parts 618-985-2929

Railco 618-985-9566

River Radio 618-985-4843

Robin’s Nest Daycare 618-922-8445

Roland Machinery 618-985-3399

Sara Lee Bakeries 618-985-8300

Stanley Steemer 618-985-4600

The Jay Effect (Facebook)

Toy Box Storage 618-534-3814

UpStyle 618-889-6804

Win Air 618-985-5974

Win Kitchen & Bath 618-985-3684

Winlectric 618-985-2734

Win Supply 618-985-3684

WSIL News 3 618-985-2333

Xylem 618-469-0189


Veterans List

Chuck Hedges – Air Force

Joe Rosenberger – Army – Purple Heart

John Morgando Jr. – Army

Courtney Cochran – Navy

Gary Fozzard – Army

Jim Fozzard – Navy

Ron Mitchell – National Guard

Dan Finke – Army

Bill Wiggs – Army

Coval Wiggs – Army Air Corps

Brandon Lantrip – Marine

Derek Ehlers – Navy

John McCamish – Navy

Joseph Patrick – Army

Floyd Bill Hogg – Army

Maurice L Fozzard – Navy

Roger “Whitey” Mitchell – Air Force

Kenneth Stearns – Air Force

Robert Wiggs – Air Force

Jared Bogard – Navy

Rodger Emery – Army

Brandy Ann Shaw – Navy

Samuel McCamish – Army

David Patrick – Naval Reserve

Norman Tregoning – Navy

Bob Pryor – Navy

Randy Mitchell – National Guard

Mark Stearns – Air Force

JP Barrington – Army

Steve Maurizio – Army

Robert Priddy – Army POW

Lara Runge – Navy

Bill Stephen McCamish – Navy

Millie Patrick Reetz – WAC

Frank Bone – Army

Herbert Hale – Army

David Wiggs – Air Force

Charles Glasco – Navy

Bob Maurizio – Marine Corps

Harry Simpson – Marine Corps

Rachelle Runge – Navy

Jennie McCamish Hagan – Army

Gary Patrick – Army

Bob Chapman – Army National Guard

Steve Chapman – National Guard

Lance Chapman – Navy

Luke Chapman – Navy

James L Howerton – Marine Corps

Bill D White Jr – Air Force

Bill D White Sr – Army

Jerry H Simpson – National Guard

William Klope – Navy

Daniel Boatright – Air Force

Lyndell Coffey – Air Force

David L Sprague – Army

Kenneth R Phillips – Army

Charlie Barnes – Army

Judith A Mulligan – Army

Loyce R Tippy – Army

Irmon M Tippy – Navy

James F Tippy – Army

Levi B Tippy – Civil War

Charles I Tippy – Air Force

Mark Weeks – Army

Matt Weeks – Army

Sam Vaughn – Army

Bobby Russell – Army

Willie C Russell – Army

Treat Russell – Army

Delbert A Phillips – Army

Ronald Kennedy – Army

Adrian D Wall – Army

Carl Orange – Army

Harold Emery – Army

Homer G Perdue – Navy - Air Force

Charles Dan Tregoning – Navy

Lee Flora – Army

Fredick E Flora – Army

Steven Spillman – Army

Steven M Hutchins – Air Force

Howard “Flop” Emery – Army

Jeffrey Yewell – Navy

Orval Howerton – Army

James C Spurlock – Army

William Earl Forbes – Army Ranger

George Edwards Forbes – Navy

C.D Hagler – Navy

Jerry Huffstutler – Army

Richard “Dick” Runge – Army

William A Moorman – Air Force POW- Purple Heart

G.W Ethridge – Army

Bob R Ethridge – Army

Russell Forbes – Army

William Edwards Forbes – Army

Timothy Stevens – Army

Bryon Hadfield – Green Beret – Army

Maj. Martha Hadfield – Army

Lt. Col. Bill J Hadfield – Army

Jackie D Hadfield – Army

Capt. Robert D Hadfield – Army

Bill Foster – Army

Stephen E Linke – Army

Paul Smith – Navy

Michael Hopkins – Army

Wallace S Burman – Army

Josh A Keith – Army

Carrie N Keith – Army

Joshua K Keith – Army

Carl W Runge – Marine

Pamela K Lunsford – Army

Howard Clayton Forbes – Navy

Bill Simmons – Air Force

Phillip Gentry – Army

Bryon L Grammer – Navy

Earl L Morgan – Army

Crystal Lynn Bogard – Coast Guard

Jim Clayton – Air Force

Tom L Spiller – Navy

Christopher A Martin – Army

Darren J Priddy – Army

William Hamilton Jr – Army

Harry William Treece – Army

Matthew R Beuligmann – Air Force

Bradford J Turner – Navy

Frank Austin Seymour – Navy

Dale Eugene Gurley – Army

Charles Russell Forbes – Army

Dave Young – Army

Vernie Gene Enoch – Army

Billy Foster – Air Force Vietnam War

Cristian Akers – Army

Timothy E Robinson – Navy

Devin F Luton – Army National Guard

Roy Dellinger – Navy

Otto R Nichols – Army POW WWII

Leonard Roy Runge – Army

Elaine J Reynolds – Navy

Gary K Reynolds – Air Force – Army


On behalf of the Village of Crainville, we would like to thank you for your service.

Julie Aue is continuing to compile a list of all Veterans and Active Duty Military in Crainville. Please call 618-985-4539 with any family

members you would like to remember. These names are also located on a plaque at the Village Hall. If these names need edited, please contact the Village Hall at 618-985-3322.


Hope you all have found the information in the annual Spring Newsletter useful.

~Jennifer Bingamon