Board Meeting Tuesday January 8, 2019


Crainville Village Board meeting a regular session on Tuesday January 8, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. Roll call as follows:



Mike Harbin Julie Aue Mark Dollins Ron Mitchell Brad Olson


Yea Nay(6:32)

Yea Yea Yea


Sam Jones John Detjen Jim Rains

Tena Steinacher Jaci Chapman


Yea Yea Yea Yea Nay





A quorum was present:




Minutes from the December 11, 2018 regular Board Meeting were presented. There were no corrections.


Motton 1: Harbin made the motion and Dollins seconded the motion to approve the December 11, 2018 Village Board Meeting Minutes as presented. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.


Treasurer's Report:


The Treasurer's Report was presented. Steinacher requested that the Board approve bringing

$25,000 down from the Illinois Fund for the Villages general operating funds, and bring down 31,000 for the design engineering fees to come out of the Motor Fuel Funds.


The paperwork has been completed to transfer $500,000 from the Illinois Funds to Banterra Bank. Banterra Bank will provide the Village with higher interest rate than what the Village is currently receiving from the Illinois Funds. The transfer of money should be completed by the end of January.


Motion 2: Rains made the motion and Jones seconded the motion to bring down $25,000 from the Illinois Fund into the Village's General Fund for general Village operating costs, and

$31,000 from the Motor Fuel Fund for design engineering fees for the East Grand Project. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.



January bills were presented. There was one correction, the bill from Bio Solutions for lagoon treatment was listed on the bills to come out of both the General Fund and Water Fund. This bill should come out of the Water Funds for $630.00 and not be listed in the General Fund.


Motion 3: Rains made the motion and Harbin seconded the motion to pay the corrected January bills. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.


Visitor Participation


Jared Kirschbaum owns a house close to Crainville Baptist Church. Mr. Kirschbaum has moved from Crainville and has his house for sale but has not been able to sell the house. He has put the house on AIRBNB for short term rental. Mitchell heard he was operating a bed and breakfast and sent him a letter saying he could not operate a bed and breakfast in the Village. A bed and breakfast facility would be considered a business and since the area in which his house is located is zoned R-1 a business would not be allowed in that area per the Zoning Ordinance. Mr.

Kirschbaum explained to the Board that he is not operating a bed and breakfast, he does not provide the renters with any food and he does not live in the house. He rents to people who want to rent short-term. By short-term he means anywhere from a single night to several weeks. The Village does not have an ordinance that addresses short-term rentals. Several members of the Board feel that it is hard to differentiate between short-term rental and those who rent their homes in a more traditional manner. The homeowner is responsible for maintaining the home, and all renters have to follow the ordinances and rules of the Village. If rules or ordinances are broken, renters and homeowner could be held responsible and could be subject to fines. The Board told Mr. Kirschbaum that he can still list his home on AIRBNB, however, the Village may explore and address this issue at a future date.


John Crawford Report: Ron Modglin


East Grand Improvements


Modglin presented the Board with a design engineering bill of $30,730 for East Grand. Money will come out of the Motor Fuel Tax. Project will go out for bid at the end of January.


Crawford and Associates have submitted their engineering design to the State, and the plan has been approved. However, Farrar has looked at the plan and had several questions primarily regarding water lines and valves. The water is in the ditch and Farrar would like to move the water line to the south to get it out of the ditch. The Village would be responsible for purchasing the pipe, approximately 40 feet, and for getting the easements that will be necessary to relocate the water line. This project is ongoing.


The Board recommended that Farrar be included in reviewing engineering designs for projects within the Village. Farrar and his Department can look at designs before they are submitted to the State and may find issues that are pertinent to the project but may have been overlooked by the engineers.


Motion 4: Jones made the motion and Aue seconded the motion to pay John Crawford and Associates $30,730 for design engineering fees associated with the East Grand Road Project money to come out of Motor Fuel Tax. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.



Department Heads


Water Report: (Pam Borders)


  1. There are 765 water customers
  2. 572 garbage
  3. 0 Building Permits
  4. 1 new customer
  5. 7 disconnects
  6. Room Rental 7 days for a total of $335.00

The Auditor found that the Village was not charging the water customers the correct water rates; part of a rate increase was not charged to customers. The Board asked Borders to present a report on water rates and sewer rates at the next Board Meeting.


Street/Water-Sewer Report (Ryan Farrar)


Ryan Farrar reported

  1. The Water Department has been using the brush
  2. The Lakeshore lift station is not working correctly, and a new pump was purchased to rectify the
  3. There was turtle problem at the lagoon and a pump had to be rented to get the turtles out of the


Police Report (Chief Rogers)


Chief Rogers told the Board that the Taurus is having alternator problems and will need a new alternator.

Dollins asked Chief Rogers ifhe could patrol Marion Street more frequently.



Old Business




S.I.N.C. has offered to back-up 6 Village computers for a $187.00 initial fee, and a monthly fee of $80.00 for back-up services. The auditor has recommended that all computers in the Village have a back-up system in place. Mitchell said that the Police Department already has a back-up system in place, and United System will be backing up the Water Department. That leaves the Street/Water Department computer, the clerk's computer and one computer in the office that will need to be backed up with S.I.N.C. The cost to back-up these three computers should be around

$80.00 a month.


Motion 5: Aue made the motion and Dollins seconded the motion to accept S.I.N.C. to provide back-up for 3 Village computers at an initial cost of $187.00 and approximately $80.00 a month for back-up services. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.


Chamber Dinner


The Carterville Chamber of Commerce Dinner will be February 8, 2019. The cost is $60.00 a piece or $360.00 for a table. The Board decided to purchase two tables.


Motion 6: Rains made the motion and Harbin seconded the motion to purchase two tables for the Carterville Chamber of Commerce Dinner on February 8, 2019 for a cost of$720.00. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.


New Business


James B. Childress Scholarship Application


The Board has received a letter of recommendation for the James B. Childress Scholarship from Nicolas Williams, Carterville Band Director, for Hanna Craft. Ms. Craft has not turned in her application. The letter will be in her file.



Water Penalty Appeals


No Water Penalty Appeals.




Aue announced that Mrs. Massey won the Bicentennial raffle.


Executive Session

Motion 7: Rains made the motion and Aue seconded the motion to go into Executive Session to discuss personnel issues at 7:30 pm. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.


The Board came out of Executive Session at 7:40 pm.


Personnel Issues


Sean Dobbins has been offered a job with the Carterville Police Department. David Lindley is currently a part-time Police Officer for the Village and he is interested in the full-time Police Officer position. Chief Rogers is supporting his employment as a full-time Police Officer with the Village.


Motion 8: Harbin made the motion and Rains seconded the motion to hire David Lindley as a full-time Police Officer with the Village of Crainville at $15.50 and, after satisfactorily completing a three-month probation hourly wage will be $16.00 an hour.




Motion 9: Jones made the motion and Aue seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:55 pm. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.




Respectfully Submitted,

Jacquelyn Chapman, Village Clerk