Missing Dog - January 17, 2020

There is a black Australian Sheperd or Border Collie roaming around Lakeshore Dr.  [more...]




Board Meeting

Tuesday October 8, 2019


Crainville Village Board met in a regular session on Tuesday October 8, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.   Roll call as follows:


         Mike Harbin                   Nay                          Sam Jones                      Yea

         Julie Aue                        Yea                           John Oetjen                    Yea

         Martin Bruyns Jr.           Yea                           Jim Rains                       Yea

         Ron Mitchell                  Yea                           Tena Steinacher             Nay

         Brad Olson                     Yea                          Jaci Chapman                 Yea


A quorum was present:




Minutes from the September 10, 2019 regular Board Meeting were presented.  There were no corrections.  


Motion 1: Oetjen made the motion and Aue seconded the motion to approve the September 10, 2019 Village Board Meeting Minutes as presented.  All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report:


In the absence of Steinacher, Mitchell presented the Treasurer’s Report. The Board questioned the line item in the budget that deals with garbage pick-up. The line item showed a negative balance, and the Board questioned whether this was accurate. Mitchell will contact Robert Jilek regarding this issue and report back to the Board in November.  


Mitchell requested that the Board bring down $40,000 from the Illinois Fund.


Motion 2:  Jones made the motion and Rains seconded the motion to approve bringing $40,000 from the Illinois Funds to the Village of Crainville’s General Fund. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.



October bills were presented. One bill was added from A-Check for $78.00 for Daniel Wolfbrandt’s background check. Money to come out of the General Fund. There is a question regarding the United System’s bill. The bill will not be paid until Mitchell contacts United Systems.


Motion 3:  Aue made the motion and Jones seconded the motion to pay the October bills as corrected. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.


Visitor Participation  


Several visitors had issues that they brought up to the Board.


Evelyn Fuqua oversees the non-profit organization “Got You Covered.” This organization supplies baby items such as diapers, and wipes for care givers who have young children and who may not be able to afford such items. Fuqua would like the Village Hall to be a designated a pick-up spot for those who need these items. “Got You Covered” volunteers would drop off the items at the Village Hall and the people who need the items would pick them up at the Village Hall.  The drop-off and pick-up would occur during the hours that the Village offices are open. The Board approved the request for the Village Hall to be a pick-up location for the nonprofit organization “Got You Covered.”


Mrs. Turner who lives in Lakeshore Subdivision brought two issues before the Board. She asked whether the Board had addressed the issue of selling cannabis within the Village. Mitchell told her that the Board has not yet addressed this issue.

Mrs. Turner also complained about the yard at 1301 Susan Lane. She explained to the Board that the women who lives there has let her yard become overrun with honeysuckle. Mrs. Turner believes that this is a hazard and will devalue the property of residents in the subdivision. Mitchell said he would investigate this issue.


Tim Atkisson introduced himself to the Board and told the Board he is running for County Commissioner.


Bopha Sayavong who lives in Pine Valley Estates explained to the Board that Pine Valley Estates has some issues with water running over the road when heavy rains occur. She feels that if the ditch on Sherry Lane is straightened out and a new bigger culvert is installed the water issue will be resolved. Mitchell said he would investigate this issue.


Duane Maaks asked the Board if the Village would take over the streetlights on Hawkeye Court. The developer of the subdivision installed decorative streetlights on Hawkeye Court which he paid the electric bill for the lights. The developer has quit paying the bill for the streetlights and Ameren turned the street light off. The residents were told by their contractor that the Village would take the lights over and pay the monthly bill. Past Village Boards decided not to take over the lights, and Mr. Maaks is requesting that the Board reconsider taking over the electric bill for the lights on Hawkeye Court. Maaks explained that the street is very dark without the lights, and this could be a safety issue for these residents. Mitchell will investigate this issue.


John Crawford Report: 


East Grand Improvements


Crawford said that work on East Grand Improvements Road Project is almost complete. The road is open, and Samron will return and grind down some high spots in the concrete. 


Crawford presented a resident engineering bill to the Village for $13,671.40. Bruyns questioned the bill. Bruyns told the Board that Crawford has gone over his resident engineering costs that was agreed upon in the resident engineering contract. Bruyns and Mitcheell will go over to Crawford’s office to go over the resident engineering figures. The current bill for resident engineering fees and concrete testing will be on hold until this issue is resolved. 


At the September Board Meeting the Board questioned an area on Marion Street where the road fabric is working its way up through the asphalt.  Crawford admitted that this area needed additional asphalt and would get an estimate to fix this area.



Drainage Issues on Plaza Drive/Marilyn Drive


No new information was presented on the drainage issues on Plaza Drive/Marilyn Drive.



Department Heads


Water Report: (Pam Borders)


  1. There are 764 water customers
  2. 566 garbage customers.
  3. 2 Building Permits
  4. 7 new customers
  5. 12 disconnects
  6. Room Rental 6 days for a total of $320.00



Water Appeals


Gina Harbin, who lives on Marion Street, has a pool and she has had to add additional water to the pool because the pool liner developed several leaks. She explained in her appeal that the additional water she added to her pool due to the pool liner leak did not go through the Village sewer system. She is requesting that she not be charged for sewer for the water she used that is over her average water bill. The Board decided that the Village does not give residents with pools a sewer discount when they fill their pools and this issue is comparable to filling a pool.


Motion 4: Aue made the motion and Bruyns seconded the motion to deny Gina Harbin’s request for a reduction to her sewer bill due to a pool liner leak. Rains (Yea), Jones (Yea), Oetjen (Nay). The President declared the motion passed.



Street/Water-Sewer Report (Brandon Smith reporting for Ryan Farrar)


  1. Brandon Smith reported that work on Donna Drive is complete. Mitchell complimented Smith and Whitecotten on the work they did on Donna Drive. The final cost for fixing Donna Drive was $43,000.
  2. Smith told the Board that 1 new water service was put in
  3. All aerators at the lagoon are in working order. Several cells had to have new pumps put in.


Police Report (David Lindley Reporting)


David Lindley reported that the Crown Vic squad car had to have a new computer which cost $1,200. The squad car is now in working order.



Old Business




Aue brought in pictures of the playground equipment at the Village Park. The pictures showed that the equipment is in disrepair and needs to be replaced. Mitchell will continue to check into grants that could help fund new playground equipment. The old playground equipment will be torn down, and until the equipment can be removed caution tape will be wrapped around the equipment to prevent people from using the equipment.


New Business


Illinois Cannabis Law


The State of Illinois has passed a law that makes it legal to sell and use cannabis. The law will go into effect on January 1, 2020. The new law allows those municipalities that choose to allow the selling of cannabis within their municipalities to charge up to 3% sales tax on all cannabis sales. Dispensaries would have to adhere to any local ordinances or zoning regulations. The Village Attorney will do further research into the new law and report back at the next Board Meeting. 


Extending North Fence


Michell explained to the Board that the Village grounds would look better if the North fence was extended another 50 feet. The cost would be approximately $2,200.


Motion 5: Rains made the motion and Aue seconded the motion to extend the Village fence, that is located to the North of the Village Hall, another 50 feet for approximately $2,200. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.








The Village 2018/2019 audit is now complete.  All Board members received a copy of the audit. Mitchell asked if anyone had any corrections or questions to please let him know. The Audit has been recorded and sent to the State Comptroller’s Office.


RMA Insurance


The IMLRMA is the insurance carrier for the Village. The 2020 Village Insurance is due with the IMLRMA. If the Village pays the insurance bill in full and before November 30, 2019 the Village saves 1% of the cost. The cost with the 1% savings will be $35,878.12.


Motion 6: Jones made the motion and Rains seconded the motion to renew the Village’s insurance with the IMLRMA for $35,878.12. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.


Greater Egypt Dues


Motion 7: Oetjen made the motion and Jones seconded the motion to pay the 2019/2020 dues for membership in Greater Egypt of $125.00. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.




Mitchell told the Board that the Asian Bistro has now incorporated and can sell liquor at their restaurant.


Executive Session


The Board did not go into Executive Session.




Motion 8: Jones made the motion and Aue seconded the motion to adjourn the October 8, 2019 Board Meeting at 8:30 p.m. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.



                                                                                 Respectfully Submitted                                

                                                                                 Jacquelyn Chapman, Village Clerk