Boil Water for Hurricane Rd and Michael Lane - June 27, 2017

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Road Construction - June 20, 2017

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Board Meeting

Tuesday April 11, 2017


Crainville Village Board met in a regular session on Tuesday April 11, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.   Roll call as follows:


         Mike Harbin                   Yea                           Sam Jones                      Yea

         Julie Aue                        Yea                           John Oetjen                    Yea

         Vicki Chapman              Nay                          Jim Rains                        Yea

         Ron Mitchell                  Yea                           Tena Steinacher              Yea

         Brad Olson                     Nay (6:35)               Jaci Chapman                 Yea


A quorum was present:




Minutes from the March 14, 2017 regular Board Meeting were presented. There were no corrections.

Motion 1: Aue made the motion and Harbin seconded the motion to approve the March 14, 2017 Village Board Meeting Minutes as presented. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report:


Tena Steinacher presented the Treasurer’s Report, and the Board accepted the Treasurer’s Report as presented.


Steinacher requested that the Board bring down $30,000 from the Illinois Fund.

Motion 2: Rains made the motion and Jones seconded the motion to approve bringing $30,000 from the Illinois Funds to the Village of Crainville’s General Fund. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.



April bills were presented.


Motion 3: Harbin made the motion and Aue seconded the motion to pay the April bills. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.


Visitor Participation


John Lewis was present, and told the Board that he will open a business called Cardinal Portable Buildings which will be located on Plaza Drive. He will give all Crainville Residents a 5% discount. Mitchell asked Mr. Lewis to remove the old trailer located at the Southeast corner of Municipal Drive and North Wolf Creek Rd. Lewis said he would look into removing the trailer.


Dan Finke, was present and representing the American Legion. Finke told the Board that the American Legion is lobbying local politicians to support a bill that would rename the Wolf Creek Overpass to Veterans Memorial Overpass. IDOT told the American Legion that if the Wolf Creek Overpass is renamed, IDOT would not pay to put up new signs.


John Crawford Report:



IDOT Utility Relocation


IDOT has been working on storm sewer installation along Main Street. At this time IDOT is pouring curb and gutters. The project should be completed and the contract closed in May.


Drainage-Marilyn Drive Cul-de-sac


Crawford sent the residents of Marilyn Drive subdivision a copy of his findings and the engineering plan for the drainage swales.


East Grand Improvements


East Grand that goes through both Carterville and Crainville needs to be resurfaced. There could be federal funding from SIMPO to help with the resurfacing of the road. However, funding will not be available until 2022. East Grand needs repairs that cannot wait until 2022. The road work that needs to be done is on both the Crainville and Carterville sides of East Grand. Carterville has agreed to pay for the repairs on East Grand that are located on Carterville’s side of the road. Crawford will work on estimates of the repairs.


Sprinkler System/ Robin’s Nest


The State Fire Marshall has recommended that Robin’s Nest install a sprinkler system in their building. In order to install the sprinkler system Robin’s Nest wants to tie into the 4” main and run a 4” fire suppression line into the building. They want to disconnect the old existing 2” service line that currently runs to the meter, and run a new 2” service line off the 4” fire suppression line and then tie this line back to the meter. This will be done at no cost to the Village, and Robin’s Nest will be charged for one service. The Board agreed to Robin’s Nest request to install a sprinkler system in their building.


Department Heads

Water Report: (Pam Borders)


  1. There are 759 water customers
  2. 556 garbage customers.
  3. 0 Building Permits
  4. 4 new customers
  5. 2 disconnects
  6. Room Rental 6 days for a total of $290.00



Street/Water-Sewer Report (Ryan Farrar)


Ryan Farrar reported

  1. Village workers are mowing
  2. Village workers are putting in new water services
  3. Clean up day is April 19
  4. Consumer Confidence Report is available online.
  5. Farrar would like to purchase a cutting head sewer jet for approximately $2000 to $3500.


Police Report


Chief Rogers told the Board that Trent Harrison will start on April 21. Scott Bandy and Doug Brinkley are in the process of getting all of their paperwork in order to start as part-time police officers. Chief Rogers also presented a written report.

  1. Traffic Contacts 20.
  2. Arrests 0
  3. Accidents 0
  4. Burglaries 0
  5. Traffic Tickets 16
  6. Written Warning 6.


The police tasers are currently not working. The Village has had the taser repaired several times. Chief Rogers would like to purchase a new multishot taser for $1300.


Motion 3: Rains made the motion and Jones seconded the motion to purchase a new taser for approximately $1300. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.


Old Business




Mitchell is still waiting for Chris Scroggins to complete the audit. Scroggins has agreed to pay for any late penalties.


Liquor Ordinance


The Village Attorney presented the updated Liquor Ordinance. The Board requested that under the Liquor Advisory Board section 2, membership that the Board has at least 2 citizens from the Village on the Board. This Liquor Ordinance will repeal prior versions of the Village of Crainville’s Liquor Ordinances.


Motion 4: Harbin made the motion and Rains seconded the motion to approve the amended Village of Crainville Liquor Ordinance #2017-04-01. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.



Mitchell and Steinacher will meet with Jilek regarding the 2017/2018 budget. Jones told the Board that he has been contacted by residents of Excalibur Street and they would like at least one street light at the intersection. There are several additional areas that could use street lights and these will be considered in the budget. New street light will cost $2700.


New Business


Gravel Easement


There is a request to gravel a portion of a Village easement on California Street. The Board approved the request to gravel the easement.


First Aid Kits


The Village needs to purchase several first aid kits. First aid kits need to be in all Village vehicles, at the lagoon and in the Old Village Hall and New Village Hall. Aue is looking into prices for the kits.


Bio Solutions/ Retha Daugherty


Retha Daugherty presented the maintenance program for the lagoon for 2017. The cost will be $4,847.50. The cost also includes BioCubes that help with grease coagulation that occurs in the lift stations.


Motion 5: Jones made the motion and Aue seconded the motion to continue the contract with Bio Solutions for maintenance of the Village Lagoon for $4,847.50. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.




Sean Dobbins told the Board that there will be grants available for local police departments to start-up a K-9 unit. Dobbins would like the Board to consider applying for a grant for a k-9 unit. No further details were available at this time, and the Board took no action.


Kim Wharton


Kim Wharton sent a letter to the Board asking the Village to reimburse her $200.00 for a basketball goal that she said was destroyed by Village workers. Village workers were questioned regarding the basketball goal and they said that they did not push the goal over nor did they remove the bricks that anchored the goal. The Board decided not to reimburse Wharton.

Mosquito Spraying Contract


Tabled until May Meeting.


Water Penalty Appeals


No appeals


Executive Session


Motion 6: Harbin made the motion and Aue seconded the motion to go into Executive Session to discuss personnel issues at 9:00 pm. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.


The Board came out of Executive Session at 9:15 pm.


The Board Meeting will be continued on April 27 at 6:30 pm.



                                                                                 Respectfully Submitted                               

                                                                                 Jacquelyn Chapman, Village Clerk