Board Meeting

Tuesday October 10, 2017


Crainville Village Board met in a regular session on Tuesday October 10, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.   Roll call as follows:


         Mike Harbin                   Yea                          Sam Jones                      Yea

         Julie Aue                       Nay                          John Oetjen                     Yea

         Mark Dollins                  Yea                          Jim Rains                         Yea

         Ron Mitchell                   Yea                          Tena Steinacher              Yea

         Brad Olson                    Yea                          Jaci Chapman                  Yea


A quorum was present:




Minutes from the September 12, 2017 regular Board Meeting were presented. There was a correction on page 2 the second sentence under East Grand Improvements should be stricken from the minutes.


Motion 1: Jones made the motion and Rains seconded the motion to approve the amended September 12, 2017 Village Board Meeting Minutes as presented. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report:


The Treasurer’s Report was presented.


The Board decided that money does not need to be brought down from the Illinois Funds into the General Account.



October bills were presented. The Following bills were added: Biosolutions money to come out of Water Fund $840.00, Lowe’s Water Fund $189.78, and General Fund $325.08, Azavar General Fund $39.78, Ace Hardware General Fund $30.75 Water Fund $30.41, Stanley Steamer General Fund $343.25. The bill to Republic should be $6,165.98, and Rend Lake $6,870.22 both out of the Water Fund.


Motion 2: Harbin made the motion and Dollins seconded the motion to pay the October bills. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.


Visitor Participation


Martin Bruns wanted to know why the Village had put up new stop signs on Marilyn and Main.           Mitchell explained that the new stop signs were set up to help slow traffic down on Main Street.


John Crawford Report:


East Grand Improvements


Crawford explained to the Board that SIMPO has indicated that they will award Crainville a grant in 2022 to repair East Grand. Grand Street is a major street that runs through both Carterville and Crainville, but due to Carterville being unable to fiscally fund the project the grant will be awarded to Crainville. The North side of Grand is Carterville and the South side of Grand is all Crainville. Tentatively Carterville and Crainville have mostly agreed that Carterville will be responsible for the West half of Grand from Jackson Street to Hafer and Crainville will be responsible for the East half of Grand from Hafer to Hurricane. If the grant is awarded it will be 80%/20% with Crainville responsible for the 20%. Since Carterville is unable to fund the project at this time there will need to be a jurisdictional transfer concerning East Grand. Carterville and Crainville will each sign this jurisdictional transfer to facilitate this project.


Motion 3: Harbin made the motion and Rains seconded the motion to agree to the Jurisdictional transfer with Carterville in regards to East Grand. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.


Sewer Grant Application


Mitchell told the Board that Crainville will probably not qualify for a Sewer Grant. The sewer line from Guido’s lift station to Main Street was installed in 1969-1970. The sewer line is experiencing some severe infiltration and is in dire need of replacement. No action was taken at this time.


Department Heads

Water Report: (Pam Borders)


  1. There are 763 water customers
  2. 561 garbage customers.
  3. 1 Building Permits
  4. 12 new customers
  5. 13 disconnects
  6. Room Rental 4 days for a total of $200.00


Borders told the Board that the credit card machine is now in service, and several customers are using their credit cards to pay for their water bills. Borders and Bingamon would like to attend a two day United Systems Conference to be held in Paducah Kentucky.


Motion 4: Dollins made the motion and Harbin seconded the motion to send Pam Borders and Jennifer Bingamon to the United Systems Conference in Paducah Kentucky, conference fees will be a total of $390.00 and the Village will pick up the motel plus meals for Borders and Bingamon. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.


Street/Water-Sewer Report (Ryan Farrar)


Ryan Farrar reported

  1. The Water Department is continuing to do water installations.
  2. Village passed the EPA water inspection
  3. Board might consider getting the water tower and ground storage tank inspected. Farrar will get costs for inspections, and find out if the ground storage tank was inspected when the new top was put in.
  4. Board approved the purchase of a new chain saw for $410.00.
  5. The International dump truck bed needs to be either repaired or a new bed. A new bed is $11,000 and to repair the bed will be $2,865. The Board decided to repair the bed for $2,865.


Police Report


No report.


Old Business


Subdivision Ordinance


Mitchell explained that the Subdivision Ordinance needs to be amended so that subdivision developers will be responsible for both the paving of the roads and lighting within the subdivision. Mitchell will work with Olson and Crawford and present the amended ordinance at the November meeting.


Bike Path Lighting


Mitchell explained to the Board that Tena Steinacher identified a grant that the Village could apply for from Ameren for the bike path lighting. Mitchell has submitted the grant to Ameren for the bike path lighting and is waiting for a response.


New Business




It has come to the attention of the Village that a resident has a pet pig. The pig is confined to the resident’s yard and house. The Village has an Ordinance that prohibits residents from having swine on their property. The Board feels that the Ordinance was referring to a pig farm and not to pet pigs such as pot belly pigs. The Board agreed to let the resident keep her pig. The Board will look at amending the Swine Ordinance.


Animal Control Contract


Williamson County Animal Control handles dog issues that occur within communities in Williamson County that sign a contract and pay a yearly fee with Animal Control. The Village of Crainville in the past has not signed a contract with Williamson County Animal Control. The yearly cost of the contract would be $2,633.40 and the contract only addresses dog issues. The contract does not cover cats and other animals. The Board decided not to sign a contract with Williamson County Animal Control.


Ed Russell


Ed Russell has bought Hickory Leaf Trailer Court. This trailer court is currently located in Williamson County. Mr. Russell would like to annex this property into the Village of Crainville. He would like to put in a gas station, car wash, and gambling facility on the property. The property is currently in Carterville’s FPA and Carterville ran sewer lines to the south end of the property. The Board pointed out that there has been property, in the past, that was in Crainville’s FPA and Carterville annexed the property. The Board told Mitchell that they would be receptive to Ed Russell annexing his property into the Village of Crainville.


John D’Anna Letter


Board members received a copy of the letter John D’Anna sent to President Mitchell. There was no discussion regarding the letter.


Greater Egypt Dues


Motion 5: Oetjen made the motion and Rains seconded the motion to renew the Villages membership in Greater Egypt Regional Planning and Development Commission for $125.00. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.



Water Penalty Appeals


Charles Jackson submitted a water penalty appeal in September. The Board determined that the higher water bill was due to a leaking toilet and no appeal was granted.





Motion 6: Rains made the motion and Jones seconded the motion to renew the Villages membership in Southern Illinois Mayors Association for $65.00. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.

Christmas Dinner


The Board decided that the annual Christmas Dinner for staff and Board Members will be held December 8 at Giant City Lodge. The family style chicken dinner will be $19.44 per person which includes the gratuity. Board Members will be responsible to pay for their own meal and any guest that they bring. Staff will not have to pay for their meals.


Executive Session


Motion 7: Harbin made the motion and Rains seconded the motion to go into Executive Session to discuss personnel issues at 8:15 pm. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.


The Board came out of Executive Session at 8:30 pm.




Motion 8: Jones made the motion and Oetjen seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:35 pm. All present voted yea and the President declared the motion carried.





                                                                                 Respectfully Submitted                               

                                                                                 Jacquelyn Chapman, Village Clerk